Sales Process

  • At Regions Land, we own every property that we sell. No brokers and no middle-men means we can bring you top quality acreage at below wholesale price.
  • To see the price and terms for a specific property, simply click on that property’s Information Page where you can view photos, maps and full sales terms.
  • If we offer owner financing on a property you will find the interest rate, payment amount and payment terms on the Information Page as well.
  • If we offer owner financing on the property of your choice you will simply make your down payment (along with your document/setup fee of $195) and we will mail or email your paperwork to you immediately. As soon as your down payment and document/setup fee is received you are free to use and enjoy the property.
  • Monthly payments can be paid to us through our website (using a credit or debit card), through the mail (with a check or money order) or in person at our office in Springfield, Missouri.
  • Once your property has been paid for in full we will draft and record the Warranty Deed (under the name you specify) at the county courthouse.

Any questions visit our contact us page or email us at