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10 Acres in Northern Minnesota – Borders State Land – $4,500 with only $250 Down


$250 down for 10 acres adjoining State Land in northern Minnesota.


looking toward east side

The photo above shows several small pine trees on the property.

pine and open area

Another photo taken by the south end of the property.

The full purchase price of this property is $4,500. We offer 0% interest financing on this property for three years! With a $250 down payment your monthly payments will be $121.06 (with $3.00 of that escrowed for property taxes). If you decide to pay off the property with 12 months you will receive a 20% discount off of the purchase price, which would bring the purchase price down to only $3,600!

This may well be the cheapest 10 acres you will find in Minnesota. The LOW price on this property reflects that fact that the only good way to access the property is in the winter time, over the frozen ground. In the summertime, much of the trail to the property will be too wet to cross in any type of car or truck.

This plat map shows the 10 acres. The white square is the 160 acres we originally purchased and the rest is State Forest (which you can use for hunting/recreation).

The pink ribbons mark the approximate southeast corner of the 10 acres.

We have been to the property twice since we purchased it. Our most recent visit was in the winter of 2007. Both times that we visited the property we rented a snowmobile to get there. The property does have legal access across the State Forest although there are no roads that go directly to the property. On our last visit we parked on a logging road about 1/4 mile from the property and took a snowmobile for the last part (way more fun than walking).

The property is about 25 miles south of the town of Williams, Minnesota which is midway between Baudette, Minnesota and Warroad, Minnesota.

A Minnesota map showing the location of the property.

To get to the property you take Highway 2 south from Williams (also known as Wilderness Drive). After a few miles Highway 2 will turn into Faunce Forest Road.

You will see this sign after you turn south onto Highway 2.

Continuing south on Faunce Forest Road.

Continue going south on Faunce Forest Road until you cross over the Rapid River. Now you are on Rapid River Road which will turn to the west but you will need to keep going south on a State Forest road. When we were there the State Forest Road was in great shape for about 1 1/2 miles and then it looked like it turned into more of a logging trail. We continued on the logging trail for about another two miles then we parked the truck and trailer and took the snowmobile the rest of the way to the property.

This plat map shows the route we took when visiting the property.

This is a photo of the logging road (labeled as “Poor trail” on the map above).

Northern Minnesota is well known for excellent hunting. Deer, fox, mink, black bear and even moose and elk can be found in the area.

Basically the entire property is wooded with pine trees of different sizes. This would be about the east side of the property.

We have only visited the property in the winter and it would likely be hard or impossible to access the property in the summer as the logging roads are not maintained and could be soft or wet. If you plan on harveting the trees on the property you would want to do so in the winter.

This aerial photo shows where the Rapid River Road goes west and the trail towards the property goes south. You can see that in about the middle of the map the trail splits. On our first trip to the property we took the route which leads to the east side of the land. On our second trip we took the route which leads to the west side of the land and found it much easier. The horizontal line through the map is just the dividing line between Lake Of The Woods County and Beltrami County (land is in Beltrami County).

A closer view of the previous map.

An even CLOSER view. The property is approximately 330 feet by 1,320 feet and it borders the State Forest along its entire south side.

The Rapid River is a good fishing river and the world famous Lake Of The Woods is just a few miles north of Williams. Williams isn’t much of a town (just a few houses and a restaurant) but both Baudette and Warroad are larger towns with several hotels and plenty of stores.

If you have decided to purchase this property please click on the link below that says “ADD TO CART”. After that, click on the “CHECKOUT” link at the top right corner of any page. You will be taken to our secure payment page where you may pay your down payment in the amount of $250.00 with your credit or debit card. Your first monthly payment in the amount of $121.06 will not be due for one month. After you have made your down payment this property will be shown as “SOLD” on our website so you can rest assured that no one else will purchase it. Your paperwork will be Express Mailed to you immediately.

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