Property Covenants

Cedar Gap Hollow is designed for building, camping, hunting, recreational and residential purposes. Most of the Rural Developments on our website require a minimum 600 square foot structure on a concrete foundation (if you will be using the property as a residence) BUT Cedar Gap Hollow does not have that requirement.

This means, smaller structures (including portable buildings) are an option for residential purposes at Cedar Gap Hollow, even without a foundation. Shipping containers would work as well. Travel trailers and RV’s may be used as a residence if they are not older than fifteen model years when placed on the property. Also, camping is permitted for up to 90 days in a 12 month period at Cedar Gap Hollow which is twice as long as the standard 45 day period on most other Rural Developments.

There is no minimum square footage requirement and no concrete foundation requirement for a residence at Cedar Gap Hollow.

You will find that the other Property Covenants are similar to those found on most of our other Rural Developments:

  • All properties shall be used for recreational or single-family residential purposes (no commercial activity is permitted).
  • No buildings, storage, parking or placements of any kind (including camping) is permitted within 100 feet of any shared roadway or within 30 feet of side and rear property boundaries. These areas shall serve as utility easement areas and are also intended to add to the privacy of the area/property. Fences must not encroach upon road easements which are defined as the area within 50 feet of a shared roadway. These setback distances may be adjusted on certain tracts, subject to written approval of developer.
  • No refuse, debris, garbage, unused building materials, derelict vehicles (non-running, unlicensed or both), machinery or equipment in whole or in part shall be stored or allowed to collect on the property unless completely enclosed within a permanent building, garage or container. All properties and improvements shall be maintained in such a manner that they do not become unsightly, in disrepair, unsanitary or a fire hazard. Waste materials must be kept in closed containers at all times. Dumping, littering or abandoning debris/refuse/materials of any kind on any parcel is strictly prohibited and may result in criminal and/or civil charges.
  • Livestock and pets are permitted so long as they are not allowed to create a nuisance to nearby land owners and are not used for any commercial purposes (personal use only). No stockyards, feedlots or any other commercial activity involving animals is permitted. Kennels greater than 5 dogs are not permitted.
  • No parcel may be subdivided without the express written consent of the seller. There shall be a maximum of one residence per 5 acres of property.
  • No single wide mobile homes are allowed on the property. Double-wide mobile homes and modular homes are allowed so long as they are no older than fifteen model years when placed on the property.
  • No structure of a temporary character including tents or lean-to’s may be used as a residence. Travel trailers and recreational vehicles may be used as a residence so long as they are no more than fifteen model years of age when placed on the property.
  • Camping is permitted for up to 90 days in a 12 month period. Any items used for camping, including tents, shall be stored out of sight of any shared roadways when not is use.
  • If a property is occupied by a residence; a septic system, composting system, or outhouse must be constructed in accordance with all federal, state and local standards.
  • In order to maintain these easement roads and/or common areas (if applicable) and to enforce the covenants to the benefit of property owners the seller or developer may charge a monthly fee for road and/or common area maintenance/covenant enforcement. This fee is likely already included in your monthly payment amount (see specific property sales page for any details) and this fee shall not exceed the actual costs incurred by seller/developer.
  • Hunting is permitted on your property but not on any road easements or common areas. Contact the state wildlife department for any specifics on hunting seasons and regulations.

It is understood that it may sometimes be desirable to remove/clear trees in order to create a driveway and/or building site but PLEASE NOTE that timber with a stump diameter of greater than 8 inches (when measured at ground level) may not be cut or removed until the property has been paid for in full. Written permission to remove timber shall not be unreasonably denied for on-site construction or clearing/maintaining roads and/or trails.

These Covenants are permanent and do stay with the property, even after it has been paid for in full (except that you can do what you please with all of the timber once the property has been paid for in full).

Almost all of the properties we sell are suitable for building, hunting, camping and recreation (if you have specific questions about a property just ask us). These Property Covenants are generally MUCH LESS restrictive than standard residential zoning.

Please note that these property covenants can be enforced, with enforcement to include daily fines/fees of up to $50.00 per violation, per day (after notice has been given) and/or cancellation of the contract. The vast majority of buyers find these covenants to be easy to understand and to abide by. If you do not agree with any part of a property covenant then we will try to recommend another seller who may (or may not) have different covenants on the properties that they sell.

All restrictions and covenants have been designed to be minimally restrictive and to help protect and preserve the value of your property. Properties may be subject to county, city, development and/or state or federal covenants and restrictions. If you have a question about any of this just let us know!