Sales Process

  • At Regions Land, we own every property that we sell. No brokers and no middle-men means we can bring you top quality acreage at wholesale prices.
  • All properties on our website are available with FULL SELLER FINANCING. No banks, no outside finance companies and no hassles! Most properties can be purchased with NO DOWN PAYMENT (just your first monthly payment) and can be purchased INSTANTLY either through our website or over the phone.
  • Want to make a larger down payment? You will get a reduced interest rate and a discount on the sales price based upon your down payment. You also have a full 12 months to ADD to your down payment in order to take advantage of the interest rate reduction and property discount!
  • To see the price and terms for a specific property, simply click on that property’s Information Page where you can view photos, maps and full sales terms.
  • Once you have made your payment we will email your paperwork to you within one business day (using Docusign). You are now free to use and enjoy the property.
  • Monthly payments can be paid to us through our website (using a credit or debit card) or through the mail (with a check or money order). We do maintain a physical office in Springfield, Missouri which is open by appointment.
  • Once your property has been paid for in full we will draft and record the Warranty Deed (under the name you specify) at the county courthouse.
  • We highly encourage you to take advantage of our “AutoPay Program” where we securely store your card info and automatically run your monthly payment for you each month. Enrolling in our “AutoPay Program” will save you the $12.00 monthly account management fee and guarantees that you will never have a late payment charge!

Any questions visit our contact us page or email us at